Friday, July 4, 2008

Trip to Washington

We recently took a trip to visit my grandparents in Woodland, Washington. The car ride was very long (over 11 hours) but Joshua did surprisingly well. My brother, Darren also came who is visiting from the Bahamas. Joshua just adores his Uncle Darren. They would play for hours crawling on the floor chasing after each other. Joshua got to meet his cousin Anne (who is so sweet) for the first time. He also met Corky my grandparent's dog. He was very intrigued by Corky and would follow his every move which included getting into the dog's water bowl every chance he could. We all had such a nice time visiting with each other, I can't wait until the next trip! Below are some pictures.

Joshua meets his cousin Anne

Great Grandpa Hish, Uncle Darren, Grandpa, and Joshua

Joshua playing with Corky

Uncle Darren and Joshua at the park

Great Grandpa and Joshua waving

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