Monday, September 22, 2008

The Nut Tree Family Park

Last week we went to The Nut Tree Family Park with my mom, Grandpa Al and Grandma Mona. We went to lunch at a nice restaurant called Fentons Creamery. Grandpa Al and Grandma Mona insisted that Joshua had to have his own dish of ice cream, they just love to spoil him! :)

The park is still under some construction and was not open on weekdays but it was nice to see everything. It will be a fun place to take Joshua when he gets older. They have a carousel and kiddie rides like bumper cars, roller coasters and a train that wraps around the whole park . It also has a small pond where kids can feed the fish. One of the things I loved was it had a miniature house that you can rent for little girls to have tea parties. It even provided little dress up clothes, it was just too cute! Outside the park there are many different shops. We went to the Jelly Belly Store where Grandpa Al and Grandma Mona just had to buy Joshua a Teddy Bear! We all had so much fun!

Joshua with his ice cream!

Airplane ride with Grandpa Al

Joshua and I

Little Monkey Joshua!

Joshua at the Jelly Belly Store with his new bear!


Anonymous said...

Joshua is a cutie pie!
He looks like he enjoyed his day.

Anonymous said...

Joann! I was surfing blogs, and I found crazy is that?? Joshua has grown sooo much and you look great! Is he walking yet? Samuel won''s like he remembers that he is standing and then he sits down really quickly...It's pretty funny...So glad to find you and hope that ya'll are doing well. Your family is still on our prayer list at church.